What is Tycoon? What Does TYC Do?

What is Tycoon? Tycoon (TYC) is a social trading platform where users can copy and follow the strategies of famous traders.

What is Tycoon? What Does TYC Do?
What is Tycoon? What Does TYC Do?

What is a Tycoon? Tycoon (TYC) is a social trading platform where users can copy and follow the strategies of famous traders. As Coinzigzag.com, in this article, we have answered questions such as what is Tycoon, what it offers, what is TYC, how does it work, and how to buy it. Now let's examine this Blockchain-based social trading platform together.

What is Tycoon?

Tycoon is basically a social trading platform built on Blockchain. On this platform, users can follow their favorite traders. By doing this, they have the opportunity to copy their portfolios and investment strategies. Investors who manage their portfolios in a single interface maximize their returns by copying the strategies of the traders they follow. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and complex. Many different factors can affect the value of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the opinions of experts are extremely important.

Tycoon classifies users as traders and followers. Users have the advantage of adding multiple API Keys belonging to different portfolios. Thus, they can be followers and traders at the same time. Any linked portfolio can be published to attract followers with the click of a button. A published portfolio cannot follow another investor to prevent strategies from being resold. Through the platform, users get access to spot markets. However, they can link their accounts to multiple Bitcoin exchanges at the same time.

What does Tycoon offer?

With Tycoon running on Ethereum and BNB Chain, traders get a number of benefits. What they do on the platform first is the same as what they normally do. However, it is possible for them to earn additional returns simply by investing and sharing their portfolio. Successful traders become popular on the Blockchain network. In this way, both the trader and the follower have a unique way of maximizing their profits. Followers copy the portfolios of the most successful traders and in return share some of their profits with the trader.

In addition, there are various features that distinguish Tycoon from its competitors. Accordingly, when users follow a trader, they continue to hold their portfolio in their own hands. That is, even if they copy, they are responsible for doing all the operations on their own. They do not need any third party. There are also the advantages of copying the entire portfolio of the selected trader by following them with a simple click. It is completely free to become a member and use the platform as both a trader and a follower.

What is TYC? What does it do?

TYC is the native cryptocurrency of the Tycoon platform. The main goal of this entity is to create long-term user loyalty. It is also used to reward the community for their contribution to the ecosystem. As the platform expands, the utility and value of TYC will increase. The increasing number of users on Tycoon is expected to result in increased demand in the markets for the Token and a decrease in circulating supply. Users can staking with TYC coin. In this way, while earning passive income, paying low gas fees etc. They also provide access to VIP features.

What is Tycoon? How to get TYC

Tycoon is an ERC-20 token traded on cryptocurrency exchanges such as WhiteBIT, BitGlobal and Bittrex. Interested investors should join one of these exchanges to purchase TYC.