What is Primer? What Does ASTR Do?

What is lining? Astar (ASTR), formerly known as Plasm, is a platform that enables the development of highly scalable dApps.

What is Primer? What Does ASTR Do?
What is Primer? What Does ASTR Do?

What is a primer? Astar (ASTR), formerly known as Plasm, is a platform that enables the development of highly scalable dApps. As Coinzigzag.com, in this article, we have answered the questions asked by investors such as what Astar is, what it offers, what is ASTR coin, what is it for, how to buy it. Now let's examine together this Blockchain project powered by smart contract technology.

What is the lining?

Astar (ASTR) is a multi-chain smart contract platform that supports multiple Blockchains and virtual machines . The project was created by developers and specifically for developers. Accordingly, the ecosystem makes it possible for developers to create any decentralized application (dApp). The dApps built on the platform run with extremely high scalability. Thus, it is possible to create applications by circumventing a number of fundamental problems of Blockchain.

According to the team, Astar has some major problems to solve. These issues include interoperability, scalability, and increasing developer motivation. For this, the team has created a decentralized and low-cost layer-1 Blockchain that anyone can participate in. Astar's Blockchain technology supports Polkadot. Accordingly, the ecosystem is a Substrate Blockchain network. However, it also supports smart contracts and layer-2 networks.

What does Primer offer?

With Primer, developers can create their own decentralized applications (dApps) without considering scalability. Because the platform always offers high scalability and supports smart contracts. However, developers can also create their own layer-2 blockchains in Primer if they wish. The dApps that the developers create in Astar can even run on Blockchain networks on which they are not built. This is very important for dApps adoption and diffusion.

What is ASTR coin? What does it do?

ASTR coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Astar network. Listed on the Binance exchange, this altcoin runs on Astar's Layer-1 Blockchain network. Accordingly, it has various use cases within the network. For example, developers have to pay with ASTR coins to create their own dApps and layer-2 networks. However, the asset also ensures the security of the network thanks to the Proof-of-Staking mechanism. ASTR coin holders secure the network by staking their assets. In return, they earn rewards in the form of ASTR. Altcoin can also be used in the decentralized management of the platform.

What is a primer? How to buy ASTR?

Primer is currently traded on the world's top cryptocurrency exchanges. ASTR coin is currently traded on exchanges such as Binance, CoinW, MEXC, OKX, Bybit. Therefore, investors interested in altcoins should access one of these exchanges. After that, it is possible to place a purchase order for cryptocurrencies by following the steps to become a member and deposit funds into the wallet.