What is Fetch.AI (FET)?

To start with a small definition, Fetch is a digital economy-based protocol that develops the blockchain's ledger for the first time as 'really smart'. Fetch, a next-generation protocol, was created with a ready-to-use Proof of Work system invented entirely by artificial intelligence.

What is Fetch.AI (FET)?
What is Fetch.AI (FET)?

In the project, it is aimed to ensure the formation of an ecosystem that develops continuously and automatically, thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) being at the center and machine learning. As a result, the Fetch ecosystem wants to create an environment where businesses and individuals can not only automate their business processes to make their business processes more efficient and profitable, but also trust themselves to develop and act autonomously on emerging new solutions and opportunities.

Open Economic Framework

This; A framework where the Fetch ecosystem can exist, making it compatible to interact with both real-time and automated data. Thanks to this framework, the project makes adjustments necessary for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities.

Autonomous Economic Representatives

These 'representatives' act actively within the ecosystem as a decision-making tool and within an open economic framework. The agents interact flexibly with each other to monetize data, trying to provide the most valuable economic solutions possible to meet users' needs. These agents basically have the role of AI-powered deal makers who will continue to evolve to changing market conditions through machine learning.


Fetch (FET), an ERC-20 token, will serve as a key component in all operational aspects of the network. The amount of tokens planned to be in circulation in the final stage is 1,152,997,575 units.

This token will effectively power all activities in the ecosystem. These include network participation as well as the development of nodes and economic agents within the framework.

Token Sale and Economy

  • Token Sale Start Time: February 25, 2019 at 17.00
  • Hard Cap: 6,000,000 USD
  • Total Token Supply: 1,152,997,575
  • First Tier Supply: 11 percent of total supply
  • Public Token Sale Price: 0.0867 USD
  • Total Public Token Amount: 69,204,152 (6 percent of total supply)
  • Public Token Sale Token Lock Period: None
  • Maximum Investment that can be made in the Public Token Sale: 3.000 USD
  • Min Investment in Public Token Sale: 20 USD
  • Private Sale/Seed Sale Price: 0.05267 USD
  • Private Sale/Seed Sale Supply: 11.6 percent of total supply
  • Private Sale/Seed Sale Token Lock Period: 3 months
  • Token Type: ERC-20

*Your Binance account must have identity verification in order to invest.

Token Distribution

Team: 20%

Establishment: 20%

Future Deployments: 17.4%

Mining Rewards: 15%

Private/Seed Sale: 11%

Consultants: 10%

Binance Launchpad Sale (Public Sale): 6%

Key Features of the Project

  • Digital infrastructure for deployment of multi-agent systems.
  • Native scalable ledger that supports high transaction rate.
  • Synergetic computing: Capable smart contracts for autonomous systems.
  • Economic framework for managing dynamic markets.
  • Semantic, geographic and decision-oriented navigation for autonomous agents to ensure uninterrupted problem solving

Risks of the Project

  • The project is still in the development phase with the roadmap details which are not very comprehensive.
  • The token metric isn't perfect, with uncertainties in some places. For example, it is not clear what they will do with the 17.4 percent supply.
  • The rate of tokens sold to the public is very low, and the token is mostly allocated to project-oriented areas. This may cause the token to be dumped in the future.

Positive Aspects of the Project

  • Project; has a large and experienced team with diverse academic, practical and institutional backgrounds.
  • The technical proposals and the project concept are presented in a very attractive and professional manner.
  • The target sector of the project is one that could greatly benefit from Fetch AI's success in automating and developing blockchain through artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • The hype is pretty high, everyone is positioned according to this token sale.

Editor's Comment-Conclusion

While I was commenting on this token in the BitTorrent Token review, I said that although I did not expect much from its technology, with the hype that would arise, BTT could come to good places and therefore I would participate in the token sale with a small amount. As a matter of fact, I did and I bought a small amount of BTT from this sale, but I don't have any BTT right now because I sold them all! I see such Binance Launchpad ICOs as the 'high risk opportunities' of 2019. The fact that BTT was able to do 10x has made the mouths of an unpredictable number of people watering, and I think that will increase the hype on Fetch incredibly. Fetch, in my opinion, is a project that should be done with a good risk analysis and entered with a small amount, and if profit is taken, it should be exited without looking back. The number of tokens held by teams, organizations and advisors is, in my opinion, an incredibly ridiculous amount. Therefore, in my opinion, Fetch should not be considered for the long term.