Kucoin & AirDAO AMB Token Airdrop

A total prize pool of $2,000 worth of AMB coins will be distributed by drawing.

Kucoin & AirDAO AMB Token Airdrop
Kucoin & AirDAO AMB Token Airdrop

Deadline for participation : 15 November 2022

First of all, you must be a member of the kucoin exchange to participate in the airdrop. You can sign up here.

In order to participate in Kucoin airdrops, you must confirm the Identity (KYC). You can find your username and uid number on your Kucoin profile page.

You can participate in the Kucoin & AirDAO airdrop via gleam.

Click for Kucoin & AirDAO gleam link.

What is AirDAO AMB Coin?

Air Dao is a blockchain-based protocol built on Ethereum for distributed supply chains designed to improve the quality and transparency of complex supply chains for essential products for life, especially food and medicine, according to the white paper. In addition, Air Dao is optimizing for a sufficiently flexible protocol that can be used for any shipped goods and supply chain, as well as a plug-and-play structure that allows anyone to use and develop on the platform.

Open source for the world of developers, Ambrosus aims to pioneer secure, transparent and integrated data management in sectors of the global economy. In addition, the Ambrosus Ecosystem combines blockchain with the internet of things (IoT), providing entrepreneurs, industries and businesses a framework to manage and share data securely and efficiently.

Total Supply: 1,499,833,457 units.

You can view the AMB coin project here.