Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis - April 1 2022

Ethereum dropped from the $3,250 resistance level to the $3,210 level. In this article, we will convey the technical analysis information made by Aayush Jindal to you.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis - April 1 2022
Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis - April 1 2022

Ethereum Support Keeps Trying

Ethereum failed to fully show its bullish momentum by failing to surpass the support resistance at $3,450. Today, it has reached the 3.481 band gap between 19:00 and created a new uptrend. The decline in the previous hours reached the $3,210 band and continued its upward rise.

According to analyst Aayush Jindal, $3,300 is saying as a harbinger of a new uptrend. After showing the 15:00 range, the rise formed by exceeding the $3,300 band started to rise.

According to the analyst, after exceeding $3,300, the expected target indicates that it will follow a path from $3,350 to $3,446. On the upside, the bulls are observing the next higher band at $3,450, the analyst said.

Will Ethereum Drop?

Ethereum has dropped 6.83% from March 31, 2022 to April 1, 2022. On this decrease, it has reached the level of rise by regressing to 3.210 band.

Aayush Jindal provides information that if Ethereum does not start a new target above $3,300, it may move down. After these statements, Ethereum managed to break the $ 3,446 resistance. Today, that is, after April 1, we will have to follow a new scenario that will occur. He says that if it breaks below the $3,446 levels, the next target will appear as $3,240.